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How I KNOW I Will Make $382,000 in the Next 90 Days!
Posted July 26 2016

I spent all of Saturday giving MYSELF a VIP Day. 

I visualized what I want my life to look like in the next 90 days, what I want my BUSINESS to look like, how I want to feel— and then I mapped out exactly how to make that happen. 

I energetically called them in (hi, I am an energy worker) and THEN I mapped out the actual strategy to bring them in. 

My money goals aren't your money goals. 

In my world, money is just energy to serve my highest good— meaning it creates extreme expansion, allows me to be my most creative and gives me the energy to heal AND create a vortex for me and my clients. 

For you, it could mean a porsche. 

Or, it could mean paying off the credit card you used to build this business. 

It might mean having the time to take your kids to the pool in the middle of the work day or travel to italy for a week. 

What matters is that you build a business AROUND who you are at your core. Who you are consciously, cognitively and in your bones. 

That you build a business that supports that person and those around her. 

And once you have THAT— we build the map to get you to your next level.

The level that feels really light, expansive and fulfilling. 

The level where your passive revenue covers your baseline business expenses and your 1:1 work creates true wealth. 

The level where you become a thought leader— because you have the space to think. 

My clients have built there business with 1:1 work and incredible referrals. They show UP and heal every single day. 
But they are ready for leverage. To bring a sense of ease and grace into their business. 

That requires a strategy, miss thing.

So many transformational coaches, healers and practitioners are tactical, not strategic.  It's not necessarily their gift.   But, it's mine.  

Listen, you have made it INCREDIBLY far on your own. I honor that. 

Your work speaks for itself.

But, do you know where your next client is coming from?

Of course, you have the emotional IQ, consciousness and energy to make sure the client eventually finds you.  That's how you got to this point. 

But imagine the change and impact you could create WITH that IQ, consciousness and energy, if you didn't have to use it to even THINK about where the next client was coming from. 

What if you just knew? 

This Friday, July 29 at 1pm EST, I am hosting a LIVE, Client Case Study Webinar "How to Make $100,000-$200,000 a Month by Enrolling High-Value Clients  as a Transformational Coach— with Ease and Grace."

Save your Seat Here.

Questions? Comments? Netflix suggestions? Leave them below! 

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LIVE [Client Case Study] Workshop "How to Make $100,000-$200,000 a Month by Enrolling High-Value Clients as a Transformational Coach— with Ease and Grace."
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