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Before investing in Paige I was fully operating from the masculine in my business, trying to do all the "right strategies". Financially I was doing well, but I was tired, burnt out, and didn't really trust my intuition. When I was trying to do the "right thing" and re-launch a group program, Paige gave me the permission to decide it wasn't what I wanted. She encouraged me to follow my heart and instead I created a next-level program that resulted in my first $110K MONTH, in sales. I would advice anyone to work with Paige that is feeling called to operate at a higher frequency. She will give you the steps and the strategy if you want it, but what she offers on top of that, energetically, is so much more valuable and life changing. Thank you so much for literally changing the way I look at success, and the way I look at myself. 

Amber-Lee Lyons, Founder of The Chakra Girl Co. thechakragirlco.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the love you put into Raw, I cannot thank you enough. You are the creative and marketing genius behind it and I could not have done it without your love and support. Having you by my side made me feel so much stronger. It was a huge success.

Maru Iabichela – Prosperity Coach and Creator of Infinite Receiving

Prior to working with Paige thinks were steady however I wanted to be able to grow and open up in a way that I wasn’t able to do alone. Paige opened the door and gave me the space and support I needed to trust myself. She helped me to get out of my head space so that I would be able to welcome all the possibilities in not just the ones I planned. Since working with her I have had a massive shift on how I handle stress. Instead of asking myself “What more can I do?” I ask “What more can I take off my plate?”. While that may seem like a simple feat it was truly transforming in the way that I manage both my personal and professional life. Since making that shift opportunities that I couldn’t have dreamed of are now at my door.

Nadine Crespo - Performance & Success Strategist 

Paige has helped me step more fully into my power inside my business than ever before. She has supported me in the process of reorganizing my packages to better serve my clients while calling in women I absolutely ADORE and know I can help the most. She helped me align with the truest part of myself and we’ve translated that into a method of serving my tribe that feels like amplifying the volume of my heart’s message. Together, we are creating systems to simplify and connect more deeply with my true calling and highest power. I love what I do and Paige helped me fall even more deeply in love with the WAY I get to do it. Thank you beauty, you are a true gift!”

Amber Lilyestrom – Amber Lilyestrom, Transformational Branding & Business Coach

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